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A hair stylist can be defined as an educated individual who cuts and styles hair, a person who sets trends or constantly evolves with the latest in the hair industry, and in some salons, a stylist is known as a therapist to listen to and comfort their clients. A hair stylist is one who is creative, artistic, and who can build on a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece.


Camisha Rivers is not only successful she also  has a dynamic vision for Camisha Rivers Studio and gave IPush Magazine an exclusive interview at her June 2014 grand opening in Hoover, Alabama.


Ipush: Camisha, first we would like to congratulate you on your grand opening and we are delighted to be a part of this wonderful event. Being that you were at another location for a while, what was it like for you to transition your location from downtown Birmingham to Hoover?


Rivers: Well, being that I’m from Bessemer it was actually closer for me. My clients haven’t experienced any problems in the transition and they love the new location.


Ipush: Some business owners are afraid to switch locations and especially in the hair industry. What would you say to those who may be afraid to change?


Rivers: I think it’s an awesome area. There is a great potential to grow here, and my clients are adjusting well to the change.


Ipush: Your downtown location was extremely successful, and are you looking to possibly franchise in the future?


Rivers: Absolutely! I want Camisha Rivers Studio to eventually be all over. I want to be in different states like Mississippi and South Carolina and my goal is to be all over the world. I have a vision to take my business to new heights, and that’s what I plan to do.


Ipush: What do you want people to know about Camisha Rivers Studio?


Rivers: We are a full service salon specializing in healthy hair and our address is 3720 Lorna Road, Hoover, Alabama 35216. We can be reached at 205-290-5541.


Ipush: To catch up with you on social media, how can you be contacted?


Rivers: The salon page is Camisha Rivers Studio and my personal page is Camisha Rivers. Check us out.          






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