Pastor Mike McClure Jr


By Ayana Turner+iPUSH Lead Journalist

Imagine a city in Alabama called Birmingham that has been known to hold a profound magic in a sense, a melting pot of creatives, and some of the nation’s most historical civil rights monuments and memories. Birmingham is also the planting and growing place for a dynamic musical artist and leader known in the city as Pastor Mike McClure Jr. 

iPUSH: There is a plethora of things to say in company of your name that proceed you. Husband, father, leader and pastor of The Rock City Church, phenomenal artist and songwriter, activist, motivator, and the list goes on. If you had to describe yourself, who is Mike McClure Jr?


McClure:  Mike McClure Jr is just a kid from Birmingham who has always been overly excited about what God can do. I grew up in Ensley and always have been a church brat. Funny story about me, BIG has always been in my DNA and I even got in trouble BIG. I remember me and Spook were in the neighborhood jumping people fences to jump on their trampolines and I didn’t know that once they came home you had to stop jumping and run. From my core, I’m just a cat trying my best to help people and use whatever gifts I have to get it done. 


iPUSH: You’ve been on the forefront with all the injustices in the African- American community. In the opening to your video for I Got It, you show a mural of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter handprints, how important was that for you as a leader to be involved in the community?


McClure: I think it’s vital because Black Lives Matter is the first social justice movement that wasn’t birthed in the church.  Now there’s this overwhelming critique on what the church is doing and it’s looking like an organization that doesn’t care about people. When BLM set up here in Birmingham, they used my office and I took care of them. Even the mural at the historical Miles College I made sure they had what was needed instead of a fundraiser. We must stay connected to the streets if we are going to influence the culture and reach

the people. 


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