Perfect blend of dining and entertainment

(l-r) Chef Will and restaurant owner Tremayne Thompson

By Tan+iPUSH Foodie@imnotcooking2nite

I recently visited Perfect Note and met the owners, Tremayne and Karen, along with Chef Will. I had no idea of the treat in store for me. Perfect Note has the longest bar in Birmingham, seating 25 people and it is full service providing both food and drinks.


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Now, let’s talk about food! I started my evening with a recommended drink called Perfect Blue. I am truly a person that eats with my eyes first and this drink was so pretty to look at. An electric aqua and bright yellow ombre colored drink, garnished with a cherry and lemon was placed before me. This delicious drink was refreshing, citrusy, yet mildly sweet, and perfectly blended for an enjoyable pleasure.

Next, Chef Will presented me with a generous sampler of Fried Green Tomatoes with a House Made Creole Remoulade Sauce, Lemon Pepper and Slap Ya Mama wings and fries, and Shrimp and Grits. The Fried Green Tomatoes were cooked to absolute PERFECTion. A lightly crisped coating covered a delicately fried tomato that could be enjoyed with or without the remoulade sauce.


The wings. I’m a picky wing eater. The wings were great. They were meaty, crispy, juicy, and well seasoned. The lemon pepper seasoning was just right. Now, if you like a wing with a punch of heat, the Slap Ya Mama flavor is just for you. The wings are spicy and flavorable, unlike your typical vinegary buffalo wing.


Now, my favorite of the night was the Shrimp and Grits. Even now, as I write this a few days later, I can still remember how creamy and thick the grits were. Best. Cooked. Grits. Ever!! Period! The cheesy grits were topped with savory, marinated shrimp and sausage. This dish was very flavorful and pleasing! You must try them when you visit.


Visit Perfect Note at to plan your next happy hour and dinner. They are located in Hoover off Highway 31, about a quarter mile down pass the Galleria. Follow them on Instagram @perfectnotelive and Facebook - Perfect Note. You will not be disappointed.

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