Date Night Catering

Food that's not only good but good for you.

Chef Daniel Knight owner of Date Knight Catering services.

By Tan+iPUSH Foodie@imnotcooking2nite

Chef Daniel Knight was heavily influenced by his grandmother, Arcola Edwards, at age 7. She taught him three simple rules of cooking, 1. keep your heat low and not too high, 2. everything needs seasoning and flavor, and 3. most importantly, put love into it. And that’s exactly what Chef Daniel has done; put love into it.

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Chef Daniel’s goal is to serve food that makes you think, how did he do that”, food that is not only good but good for you, and food that reminds you of simpler times. I recently had the pleasure of enjoying Date Knight 


Catering again and it was even better than before. The menu started with a perfectly seared, succulent scallop and Brussels sprout salad.

For the main course, a tender, grilled (to perfection) Tomahawk ribeye, topped with blistered tomatoes and butter, garlic mushrooms served over a creamy polenta with sautéed rapini, and a sweet, refreshing dessert of Zabaione and berries. The flavors were present and accounted for!!


You can learn more about this event and other Date Knight Catering services by following Chef Daniel on Facebook (Date Knight Catering) and Instagram (@dateknightcatering).

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